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We are a
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Welcome to the era of H2H.

LP/AD is a brand consultancy with offices in Toronto and San Francisco. We build, rebuild and evangelize brands in the post-B2B/B2C era of H2H (human to human). With the virtualization of nearly everything from business, education, shopping, entertainment and family activities, the lines between what has traditionally been accepted as business and consumer communications have been blurred. People connect with people.

LP/AD fields strong brand planning and digital planning specialists. We are a nimble team of multi-disciplinary generalists, across multiple timezones. LP/AD offers full creative studio capability. We are a team of creatives who bring strategy to life.

LP/AD believes that sometimes you need to throw your arms in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.
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LP/AD works along a cross-section of sectors and brands. This has allowed us to bring outside-of-category best practices to the work we do. Except fracking. We don't do fracking. Honestly. Who works to promote fracking?

(Note: If you're currently viewing this page and you're from the fracking sector, get a hold of us. Change our minds. Maybe fracking is responsible for creating the world's first cat video and we had no idea all this time. We're open to learn.)
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