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LIVLI is a multivitamin brand made for cannabis users. Our team developed the full branding from the logo, colour palette, web presence, social media and messaging.


According to Health Canada, 60% of cannabis users experience drawbacks. Recognizing the new players in the category were focusing on the “highs”, we wanted to have an honest conversation about the “lows”. Therefore, LIVLI was positioned as a sidekick that helps you during your highs and your lows. Just like Batman has Robin and Thelma has Louise, LIVLI will always be by your side, whether you’re out fighting crime, or indulging in cannabis.

In order to separate the brand from other multivitamins on the market and to showcase the connection to the cannabis world, we designed the package to resemble the baggies one receives cannabis in. Usually, people hide their medicines and vitamins by stowing them away in a cabinet, but a LIVLI bag left on a table is meant to speak for one's lifestyle instead. The message had to convey that while the brand supports cannabis use, there are potential after-effects and LIVLI battles them effectively.


To convey that the cannabis experience may have both positive and negative sides, the packaging was made of iridescent material that changes colours when seen from different angles.

The key message of the campaign, “Is Green Giving You the Blues?” was a short and playful way to refer to cannabis and its drawbacks without actually calling them out. It was something relatable that would be instantly understood by the target audience within seconds.

LIVE LIVLI, the tagline, URL and social media handle, embodied the brand ethos of living life to the fullest and acted as a CTA, encouraging a balanced and healthy life.

The campaign started off with engaging influencers who would receive packages containing SWAG items as well as the LIVLI product before the official launch.The boxes were sent out to health and lifestyle bloggers and cannabis enthusiasts with a notable presence on Instagram, who then generated interest among their communities. The message was then delivered via partnerships with Lift&co, The Her(B) Life, CannaSOS and Leaf Forward using direct marketing and banner ads, as well as through out-of-home advertising, specifically digital trucks and subway posters.

Each creative included a channel-specific promo code that allowed us to track sales, measure effectiveness and adjust accordingly.


The campaign generated lots of interest from the consumers, which resulted in 350%more sales on launch than anticipated.

Through educational and inspirational content that embraced taking care of the mind and body, we were able to attract both wellness and cannabis enthusiasts, growing the following by an average of 120% per month.

Comments and DMs evidenced how refreshed users were to come across a brand that addressed balanced living with a holistic approach. Within only 6 months, we were able to build a deeply engaged community with an engagement rate of 7.5%,exceeding the benchmark of 3%, as well as our target of 5%. This engagement rate was maintained as the brand's community continued to grow organically.

As the first Canadian supplements made specifically for cannabis users, LIVLI led an honest conversation about both the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis to help consumers indulge and stay healthy.