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Ad Campaign

Eyri was a challenger brand on an over-heated mattress market. In a category focused on "-er" (softer, cheaper, springier), we went with a wildcard approach. What's the first thing you leave your partner? A new mattress. So, we got New York's top divorce lawyers to endorse our mattress. And took out billboards across New York's busiest divorce courthouse.

Divorce Lawyer Approved Mattresses

Insight: after a messy breakup, a good mattress is the second most important thing to have upon securing a top-notch lawyer.

Execution: #ForTheRestOfYourLife social campaign, an AI argue-bot to simulate pointless conversations with your ex, OOH, a presence on Tinder for the recently single and a running promo offering 50% off mattresses, because if you’re going to give up half then so should EYRI.