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Contact Monkey is a salesforce solution that aims to help communicators improve communications and engagement in the workplace from Outlook and Gmail. From designing a new logo to developing a full-fledged campaign, we helped Contact Monkey embrace a whole new identity. An identity that is fun and quirky; the opposite of what you normally associate with the words "salesforce solution". Being in sales is hard work, and learning about new salesforce solutions for the workplace can seem daunting, so we wanted to provide an easy-going and approachable persona to a serious product.

With this new identity, Contact Monkey spoke the language of its consumers. They showed that they understood them and can help them achieve their sales goals simply by installing their salesforce solution to their inbox.

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The new logo embraced the monkey in Contact Monkey through a banana sticker design. A fun and cheeky look for a serious salesforce brand. This new look helped to make Contact Monkey more approachable to potential customers. We also wanted the new colour palette to be bright, fun, and inviting. Again, the opposite of what you imagine when you hear "salesforce solution".

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We simplified all aspects of the branding, right down to business cards and the SWAG items for their salesforce events. We embraced a simple look in order to convey the simplicity of using Contact Monkey's salesforce solution.