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C. W. Shasky

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2020 changed the way many people do business. For C.W. Shasky, that change was to pivot their business model almost entirely to keep up. In a span of a couple of months, we helped them transform from a company that spent 80% of their sales time with their restaurant and operator clients into a contactless point of sale system. Our team designed and implemented their e-commerce platform from scratch, and thus shopshasky.com was born.

We designed, coded, and structured their web presence through the messaging, colourful visuals and product forward photography. Recipes are also included on site to inspire flavour in both professional and amateur chefs. Our goal was to provide Canadian chefs easy access to their favourite products in order to keep their restaurant operations going in a time where it is extremely difficult for restaurants to receive their usual timely deliveries from their distributors.

In a time where restaurants were struggling to get their regular deliveries from distributors and contactless sales became a priority, we delivered an easy, flexible, quick, and low volume way to get their products to their customer. The new e-commerce platform offers TABASCO® Brand Sauces, some of which are not even available in retail locations, Patak’s, Monin Gourmet Flavourings, and more in single bottle format, jugs, and in foodservice bulk case variety. Not only does this new e-commerce platform help to restore the financial health of the company, but it also helps them to keep responsible and lower risk by reducing physical distancing with staff.

In order to inform local restaurant owners, and those at home who are discovering their love for cooking, we started up their social media presence prior to site launch. Through a couple of time-crunched but safely planned photoshoots, we were able to garner enough content to fill their website, social media, and other sales collateral. We are continuing to upkeep shopshasky’s social media presence. Give them a follow at @shopshasky